My Faith Journey: 2016-2017

While scrolling through my Facebook feed this morning, the Timehop photo feature displayed a picture of my friend and me at her high school graduation party one year ago.  This picture immediately made me begin to reflect on how much has changed in my life and how I have grown.

With one year of my undergraduate career under my belt and preparing to leave in less than a month for Year 2, I’ve noticed an exponential growth in my faith.  As a practicing Roman Catholic for my entire life, daily prayer, Sunday masses, and youth group activities slowly started to become more of a routine, rather than an opportunity for growth, as I grew older.

It was not until after making my Confirmation my senior year of high school and going away to college that I once again began to actively pursue a deeper connection with God.  For me, Confirmation was the most profound Sacrament I have received thus far because it was singularly my decision to pledge forever loyalty to the Church, rather than my parents encouraging me to stay committed in previous Sacraments.  I began going to Mass, Confession and Adoration more often, as well as devoting more time to prayer.

In the midst of academics, campus involvement, work, exercising and eating right, staying connected to friends and family, etc., I have found that now more than ever, I crave the blips of time I have available to devote to my faith.  Actively practicing Catholicism has allowed me to find peace and confidence within myself, and to demonstrate more patience, kindness and appreciation for others.  While I am far from perfect, my faith has pushed me to evolve into a better version of myself.  I am enjoying the challenges faced, lessons learned, and blessings received as I continue to walk the path God has created for me!

In the busyness of our daily lives, we can often grow distant in what we once labeled priorities.  I invite you to re-visit those priorities: whether it’s religious life, kickstarting your fitness regime, re-connecting with old friends, etc., you might be surprised at the transformation that can unfold.

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