ITL 399: Conclusion

It is hard to believe that I am complete with my study abroad program this summer in Urbino, Italy!  These past seven weeks have been filled with amazing experiences of Italian culture, invaluable weekends of travel, and adjustment to a different pace of life.  One of the biggest challenges while studying abroad was learning to embrace the “Classroom of Silence”; in other words, recognizing, acknowledging, and understanding the stillness and simplicities of life.  I was so used to constantly having something to do, and I didn’t realize how much I was denying myself of fully appreciating this opportunity before me because I was preoccupied.  After entering the “Classroom of Silence”, I found a great sense of clarity and a re-adjustment of perspective, which was incredibly refreshing and inspiring.

I am forever grateful to my support network at home, my professors and peers, and my university for an unforgettable summer.  If you want to read more about the “Classroom of Silence” mindset, check out the link below:

4 Comments on “ITL 399: Conclusion

  1. Bravo!!! Good work Liz!! We are very proud of you. God Bless. We Love You.


  2. Beautiful reflection from a beautiful woman. Always your fan. Xxoo Auntie Mae


  3. Wonderful, wonderful. You are amazing and beautiful. Thank you for sharing your unforgettable experience. 😍 grandpa and grammy


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