Girl UP

Last night, I attended a women’s retreat hosted by the Catholic Campus Ministry board at my school.  While I consider myself active in my faith, it had been a minute since I had attended a retreat, and let me tell you, this one could not have come at a better time.  The gift to disconnect from the world and reconnect with God was appreciated.

One of the activities on the evening’s agenda was watching Courtney Ferrell’s TEDx Presentation titled “Girl Up: The Secrets to an Extraordinary Life”.  I’m not even kidding when I say this presentation rocked my world.  First of all, Courtney’s presentation style and engagement with her audience was hilarious and relatable.  Her comfortability onstage was inspiring and validated the passion behind her message.

Courtney discussed the three types of love she believes are necessary to be “authentically yourself”:

  1. Self Love
  2. Romantic Love
  3. Community Love

Types 1 and 2 are important, without a doubt, but I feel that type 3 can be overlooked sometimes.  Strong, positive relationships with family and friends are gifts, but what about your greater community?  What about the places that you live, work, play, practice, and study?

I have been fortunate enough in my life to experience, learn, and sometimes, choose the community in which I know I will feel validated and thrive as my authentic self.  Last night, I showed up to the retreat space on campus for myself, but I left with twenty something, 20-somethings in a stronger community of faith and empowerment.  It is essential that we have the courage to recognize the gifts that we have had bestowed upon us, and raise them up! Girl UP!

The link to Courtney’s TED Talk is here:


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