Walk By Faith: The Beauty of Being a Catholic Woman

I recently joined a small faith group at the parish I attend at school, focused on growing in our roles as Catholic college women.  It is absolutely brilliant, and easily the highlight of my week.  The group of women that come as they are for an hour of real talk on living a life of grace and guided by Christ is inspiring; I leave the parish center feeling so empowered every time.

At a recent meeting, we questioned why it is so common for people to initiate a conversation with “I’m so tired”, or “I’m so busy/stressed” (I am v guilty of this).  Why do we do this?!!  It certainly doesn’t bring a good energy to you or the people you are conversing with.  Then someone hit the climax of the the query with this zinger: Jesus was not like everyone else.  He did not follow what everyone else does.  We are called to something far greater than beyond what “everyone else” is doing.  In this case, we are called to challenge being clouded by tiredness, stress, and a full Google calendar.

There is so much beauty in being a woman of faith.  We encourage, support, and rise together, knowing that our greater Purpose overwhelms any insecurity, any judgement, any obstacle.  We embrace our nurturing intuition, and look beyond the expectations and stereotypes that society sets for us.  Through walking through life by faith, we remind each other of the Glory that awaits us.

How beautiful is it that we are given the same opportunity to reach sainthood as legacy of sisters and brothers in Christ, our Blessed Mother, and the One who created it all?

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