April FF

I’m trying something new!  The first Friday of each month, I will be sharing my favorites from the past month.  I think this can be a great way to be intentional about appreciating new, old, and rediscovered things in my life!

The month of April flew by.  Between my sorority mom’s weekend, Easter, working through the final push of the semester, and the earth coming back to life with spring blooms, each day has been filled to the brim!  Here’s what I’ve been loving this past month:

  1. Glossier Cloud Paint in “Dusk”I’m pretty minimal when it comes to my makeup routine, so it’s not often that I try out a new product for the heck of it.  However, I had been seeing a lot of ads for the Glossier brand on Instagram, so I did some research.  I love that the brand’s slogan is “your skin, but better”.  All of their products have a simple ingredient list and are pretty self-explanatory in terms of application.  Though I was a little nervous to try a cream blush for the fear of it being very streaky on my face, I love this product.  A little goes a long way, but the the color is amazing, the finish is very natural, and I don’t even feel it on my skin.  10/10 would recommend, and will definitely be supporting Glossier more in the future!
  2. “ME!” by Taylor Swift: Let me just start off by saying that Taylor Swift is the ultimate girl boss.  I’ve been a loyal fan ever since the beginning and I just love her consistent authenticity and artistry.  T. Swift has done it again; I can’t stop listening to this song!
  3. Almond Butter: I. Put. This. On. Everything.  I picked up a jar of almond butter to bring back to school after spring break simply because I ate too much peanut butter and needed a change.  This stuff is my jam.  It’s a thicker consistency and less sweet, making it a perfect pairing for smoothie bowls!
  4. Reading the news: Let me first clarify that I have tried to follow the news and stay informed prior to this past month, but wasn’t finding a platform that really worked for me.  I don’t have time to watch news shows on TV, I live in a dorm so I can’t get print publications every morning, and I canceled my Skimm email subscription because my inbox is full enough as is.  As a Miami student, you are able to get a Wall Street Journal and New York Times membership for free, which I just found out this year (thank you student discounts for existing!).  The first thing I do every morning is check my WSJ app; I love starting my day knowing what’s happening in the world.
  5. The Resurrected WomanTRW was started by my beautiful friend Caroline this year, and she is absolutely killing the game!  She creates faith-based jewelry (+ stickers!), writes an honest, inspiring blog, and leads a small faith group for college girls at our parish in Oxford.  I leave our TRW meetings every Tuesday night so rejuvenated and grateful for the amazing and faithful girl gang that Caroline formed.  Check out her site and give her a follow; her wisdom blows me away!

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