Running: Playing the Mental Game

I was supposed to run my third half marathon in August. Last week, I changed my registration to only run the 10k. Clicking the “submit changes” button, I had mixed feelings of guilt and relief.

I’ve been an athlete my entire life. I found a love for the water at age 7, and ended my decade long swimming career my senior year of high school. The discipline, leadership, and grit I learned in my 20 hour training weeks over the years translated to a newfound love of running in college.

Over the past two years, I’ve been dealing with an on-and-off hip injury that affects my miles logged. And while I was in the midst of training for 13.1 x 3, I had to make the tough call: Am I classifying this pain from an injury as mental pain just to say that I ran another half?

So I changed my registration. I hate the idea of “quitting” on my original goal, but I think a modified goal is better than not achieving a goal at all. In order to keep running happy, recognizing how to best care for your body and stay healthy is essential.

One Comment on “Running: Playing the Mental Game

  1. You are in the game. That’s 80% of the battle. Keep going. You will run another over time. Key is staying in the game. Enjoy the 10K!


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