This post is coming to you ~late~….sorry. What a whirlwind the month of June was! Between getting into the groove of my internship, birthday celebrations with friends, and enjoying the summer weather, there were certainly a lot of things on my radar this month.

  1. Mejuri earrings: I see ads for this jewelry brand on my Instagram feed all the time, and finally one day I went on their site to browse. Mejuri’s mission is awesome: they provide high quality jewelry at lower prices. Who doesn’t love that?! I was looking for a nice, everyday pair of studs and ended up ordering the “X” studs in 14k gold. Wow, I am so impressed at the quality. I never take these off and they are the perfect little studs with some extra flair.
  2. New Starbucks Order: I truly feel like I have cracked the code with this one. Due to some food sensitivity issues, I’m cutting back on my dairy and gluten intake…aka the vanilla sweet cream in my grande cold brew isn’t tasting so sweet anymore. A friend recommended I try an iced double shot with soy milk, and I haven’t looked back. First of all, it’s the cheapest Starbucks drink I’ve ever ordered (just over $2 for a tall!), provides that boost of caffeine that I need, and the soy milk adds just the right amount of sweetness. I’ve started making a more conscious effort to use reusable cups for environmental reasons, and I get a discount on my drink when I bring in my reusable cup. Win Win!
  3. Gals on the Go: I’m hooked on this podcast!! Brooke and Danielle are two college friends that offer real conversation on navigating life as a young adult, talking both personal and professional. I truly feel like I’m listening to two of my good friends chat about life when I listen in. Def recommend to any college gal/recent grad looking for some inspo!
  4. New Morning and Night Routines: I’m touching more on this in another post, but I really took this month to figure out how I can fight through the post-work tiredness and still make time for fun hobbies in the evening. I’ve been trying to wake up early and work out in the morning more; I have to get up early anyways for work and I like kickstarting my metabolism with a good sweat sesh before sitting in the office all day. This has left me more time to enjoy dinner with my family when I come home at the end of the day, read a few pages of my current book, and journal each night. It feels so good to get my thoughts down on a page at the end of the day and wind down before going to bed.

Hope your month of June was sunny! What are you loving currently?

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