Finding Your Rhythm

I mentioned in last week’s post how I’ve been learning to navigate a new routine this summer while working my first internship. This is something that I think I really underestimated as I am working locally and living in my family home. This certainly took a lot of pressure off to find safe and affordable housing for the summer on my own, but the adjustment to 8-5 life is something I have never experienced before.

I’m a routine and organization enthusiast. I like to run a million miles a minute so staying disciplined with my goals and time is imperative to keep thriving. I didn’t realize when I started working this summer how little time I would have at home after ending my day at the office. Here are a few things I have learned to incorporate in my new daily routine to maximize both work + play elements of my day:

  1. Two words: Meal prep. When my lunch break rolls around at the office, my stomach is usually eating itself. Meal prepping at the start of the week 1) saves time packing my lunch the night before, 2) allows me to cook nutritious and filling portions so I can stay full + focused. Cooking is also very relaxing for me so I love my time in the kitchen on Sundays getting ready for the week!
  2. Just get up. I am very much more of a night owl than a morning person. I was a competitive swimmer for years growing up and the impending wrath of my coach if I was late to practice usually motivated me to wake up on time, but after I ended my career, I’m back riding the struggle bus in the morning. However, lately I have been trying to wake up and workout before work. It’s a great opportunity to watch the sunrise in peace and quiet, and boost my energy and mood at the start of the day. Which leads me to my next tip…
  3. Get enough rest. As I am waking up usually around 5am each morning, I usually end up going to bed around 10pm to allow for enough rest. I can honestly say that I have noticed a boost in productivity + it is much easier to get up earlier the next day with an earlier bedtime. We have this strange belief that not sleeping and bragging about it is cool. Here’s the tea: It’s not. Taking care of your brain + body is cool.
  4. Limit your screen time. This has been a tough one for me. My team’s work is dependent on tech + working on the computer all day, but I’ve really been trying to challenge myself to stay away from my phone screen after hours, as I have noticed my eyes are so tired at the end of the day. This has also allowed me to remain more present!
  5. Chill the h*ck out: I basically outed myself in my post on efficiency, but this is something I am constantly trying to remain more aware of. In addition to an incredible work experience, I have also discovered the not so wonderful rush hour traffic! Listening to an uplifting podcast or playlist has been one way to keep me engaged and relaxed crawling down the road.

I want to hear from YOU! How do you find a new rhythm and routine?

One Comment on “Finding Your Rhythm

  1. Using my planner! I dedicate about 20-30 minutes of my Monday morning to organize my week and set my goals. This tactic helps me keep focus on my tasks and routine throughout the week!


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