May We Never Lose Our Wonder…

A few days ago, I listened to a podcast episode that really refreshed my spirit and perspective. November can be a tough month of the year; the end of the day seems to arrive faster with early sunsets, cold weather brings sniffles and sneezes, and the end of the year work rush sets in. I know I’ve been relying more and more on Venti vanilla iced coffees to power through the day.

I always start my day listening to the NPR News report; it’s a good way to learn a little bit about what’s happening in the world. After the 4 minute briefing ends, my Spotify app always queues up the latest podcast episode of the shows I follow, and this week, it was a discussion of wonder by the women of Abiding Together. A topic that I honestly thought was going to lead to cheesy discussion; instead, I was awoken from going through the motions and invited to, literally, open my eyes to the world.

Why do we always pick the most efficient way to do something, and why is this way considered “right”? So much of my life has revolved around hurried power walking, headphones in, that Venti coffee in my hand, headed towards my next destination over this past month. To be completely honest, it’s usually only at Sunday mass lately that I have been tuned in to the Lord and what He has to say.

May we never lose our wonder; instead, let us find it in the big, and little moments of life each and every day. Maybe it’s a stranger smiling at you on the sidewalk, or preparing a meal with a friend, or admiring that beautiful sunset, even if it is at 5pm nowadays. Whatever the light touches, so does God. Embrace a childlike sense of wonder at the simple, everyday elements of life.

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