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May We Never Lose Our Wonder…

A few days ago, I listened to a podcast episode that really refreshed my spirit and perspective. November can be a tough month of the year; the end of the day seems to arrive faster with early sunsets, cold weather brings sniffles and sneezes, and the end of the year work rush sets in. I know I’ve been relying more and more on Venti … Read More May We Never Lose Our Wonder…

Who Do You Say He Is?

This past weekend, a seminarian that I have known since I was in junior high was ordained a priest, and celebrated his first mass at our home parish on Sunday.  It was a beautiful day, not just for Fr. Dan, but for our entire parish; it marked the 7th consecutive ordination of a priest from my parish in 7 years.  Wow!! Fr. Dan has always … Read More Who Do You Say He Is?

Notre Dame, our Lady

I have not been able to concentrate all day after hearing the news of the Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris catching fire earlier today.  My afternoon in the library, initially intended to get some homework done, was in actuality spent scrolling through countless news articles and French news station Twitter accounts.  My heart grew heavier and I got more emotional the longer I watched … Read More Notre Dame, our Lady

Walk By Faith: The Beauty of Being a Catholic Woman

I recently joined a small faith group at the parish I attend at school, focused on growing in our roles as Catholic college women.  It is absolutely brilliant, and easily the highlight of my week.  The group of women that come as they are for an hour of real talk on living a life of grace and guided by Christ is inspiring; I leave … Read More Walk By Faith: The Beauty of Being a Catholic Woman

My Faith Journey: 2016-2017

While scrolling through my Facebook feed this morning, the Timehop photo feature displayed a picture of my friend and I at her high school graduation party one year ago.  This picture immediately made me begin to reflect on how much has changed in my life and how I have grown…