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Ever since coming back from studying abroad, I have found myself randomly looking at airbnbs and flights, making mental lists of where and when I would travel around this big ol’ world.  I’ve realized more in this season of my life that now, and the near future, are especially the times to satisfy this wanderlust craving. While I have my fair share of goal … Read More Wanderlust

ITL 399: Conclusion

It is hard to believe that I am complete with my study abroad program this summer in Urbino, Italy!  These past seven weeks have been filled with amazing experiences of Italian culture, invaluable weekends of travel, and adjustment to a different pace of life.  One of the biggest challenges while studying abroad was learning to embrace the “Classroom of Silence”; in other words, recognizing, … Read More ITL 399: Conclusion

ITL 399: American Stereotypes

Over the past six weeks of my study abroad program, I have had the opportunity to discuss Italian cultural stereotypes with my classmates, professors, advisors, and even, Italian students.  Engaging in this topic has been beneficial in understanding the perception of Italians and their lifestyle and values from an outside lens. My education in the classroom has been complimented with invaluable weekends of travel … Read More ITL 399: American Stereotypes

ITL 399: A Conversation with Italian Students

Last week, a few of my classmates and I had the opportunity to interview our Italian friends, Paola and Maria, about their day to day lives as students at the University of Urbino. This assignment was a great opportunity to enjoy one last cup of coffee with them before they returned home for summer vacation. It was interesting to see how many similarities in … Read More ITL 399: A Conversation with Italian Students

ITL 399: Italian Values Through Food

My cultural challenge this past week was centered around the importance of food preparation, type, and dining experience in Italy, and what better way to explore this topic than participate in a cooking course and group dinner?  Two chefs at Hotel Meridiana graciously spent a few hours teaching my classmates and I how to make pizza, tagliatelle, spaghetti, and tiramisu from scratch.  Being of … Read More ITL 399: Italian Values Through Food

ITL 399: Cultural Observation Challenge

In these past few weeks of living and studying abroad in Italy, I have quickly learned the importance of a traditional Italian meal, particularly dinner. It is beyond the multiple courses of delicious food; rather, an opportunity to unwind from a long day and enjoy the company of dear friends and family. As mentioned in my video, this past weekend I traveled to Florence … Read More ITL 399: Cultural Observation Challenge

ITL 399: Urbino Scavenger Hunt

My second study abroad challenge for my Italian culture class allowed the opportunity to explore more of the city where my program takes place, Urbino, as well as a chance to practice my Italian through speaking with locals.  I completed six challenges through asking University students and locals, attending our second cultural activity, the tour of the Ducal Palace and Museum, online research, and … Read More ITL 399: Urbino Scavenger Hunt

Travel Unfiltered

“Comfort is the enemy of progress.” – Selena Gomez Before I left to study abroad, I expected a quick, easy adjustment to a summer in Italy.  I imagined each day passing faster than the next, visiting and experiencing unbelievable sights, and feeling euphoric 24/7. However, I quickly learned that this was not necessarily the case. Sure, I certainly have experienced moments of overwhelming joy … Read More Travel Unfiltered

ITL 399: Gelato Challenge

Io prendo una coppetta medio con tre gusti, per favore!